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Not all Premium Metaverse Land is created equal 

Invest in a higher class of premium land - Diamond Lands

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Our Mission

The metaverse real estate opportunity has been likened to buying in Manhattan back in the 1800s. But, what if you could go a step further? What if you were able to own on Upper 5th, 57th Street, Park Avenue and around Central park? Diamond Lands is on a mission to find the metaverse equivalents of these rare diamonds and make them accessible to all categories of investors. 

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Data-Driven Tools

The Diamond Lands team is building a suite of proprietary tools that enable the creation and deployment of premium investment strategies.

One of these tools is the Diamond Matrix, a unique data-driven, analytical investment tool explicitly designed to assess and filter metaverse land projects. Our proprietary algorithm analyses over 80 metrics from 6 main categories and then applies a score to each category. 

This informs our investment decisions specifically in terms of how much risk we should take on with each project and gives us the confidence to move forward with specific investment strategies for our investors focused on diamond locations in the top metaverse projects. 

The Diamond Matrix

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Investment Structures

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Decentralised, autonomous, closed-ended pools run in collaboration with Digital Land Owners Society DAO, with entry and exit strategies preprogrammed into smart contracts. Selected key aspects of our Matrix programmed into smart contracts known as our ‘Diamond Bots’. Future investment pools will be blended across several metaverses.

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Centralised, registered closed-end funds with different strategies, centrally executed by the Diamond Lands team and will therefore have a registered STO structure. Full execution of our top-down and bottom-up Diamond Matrix - generating greater Alpha. Future investment funds will include development and yielding.

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Using Diamond Lands tools and strategies, investors can create their own risk-adjusted metaverse land portfolios. Different options for active and passive management of the portfolios can be discussed

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The Team

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Our team has extensive experience in; international (multi-market) real estate land acquisition, development and investment, AI and Machine Learning, gaming, crypto and NFTs. Furthermore, we have built our unique metaverse analysis algorithm and are developing AI-powered proprietary tools focused on valuation and acquisition strategies. ​ This puts us in a unique position to identify and invest in the best opportunities in the metaverse.


Best friends from their University days in New Zealand, Be and Grey teamed up with GraiC from Ireland and DC and Ram from Canada, to form Diamond Lands. ​ Be is a founding partner of a leading data centre, logistics and industrial real estate development company in Europe. Over the past 5 years Be has led strategies to assemble and rezone 1.5 million square meters of land in 9 European countries and placed over Eur 1.5 billion in capital in land and developments. The Diamond Matrix employs many aspects of his multi-country physical world analysis and strategy experience, with many parallels to analysing and identifying niches and placing risk-adjusted capital across multiple metaverses. ​


DC is the head of AI and machine learning for a major bank. Ram is an Ex-startup founder, who worked for 2 fintech unicorn startups that are now worth over $1B. He also designed the AI+ Analytics platform for a 3rd startup (which is now part of Meta). Graic works for a tech giant by day and is the gamer of the group and an Axie Infinity play to earn OG. GriaC and DC have been integral to developing the first of the Diamond Lands proprietary tools - The Diamond Matrix. Grey is an ex-professional sportsman and now a full-time Web-3 enthusiast. He began investing in crypto in 2017 and then in early 2021 went deep down the NFT and metaverse rabbit hole, pulling Be along with him.

The Sandbox
Diamond Front Row Strategy

The Sandbox Front Row Strategy is an exclusive investment strategy designed specifically for our current highest ranking metaverse - The Sandbox. This strategy offers savvy investors the opportunity to diversify into multiple Front Row diamond locations within the Sandbox Metaverse through an automated and decentralised investment process run in collaboration with the Digital Landowners Society. The Diamond Lands team have utilised physical world real estate fundamentals and AI-powered tools in order to analyse the Sandbox and to identify specific diamond locations where everyone will want to be once the game goes live.

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